Making a switch

I've decided to try a different way to blog.  I've switched to Tumblr because it is much easier and more convenient, mainly because I can post directly from my phone. (It has an app.)  I've tried it out over the last week, and I've been making posts often, so for now at least, I'm heading over there.  If you're interested in checking it out, here's the link:




 Madelyn turned 10 last month.  Ten!  We celebrated at home and Mom and Dad were here to  celebrate as well.  We also had snow on her birthday, so we had a great time celebrating.

Here she is with her Mickey Mouse pancake with a whipped cream face. 

Of course, Julia needed one too.

Isabel made Madelyn a book since Madelyn likes to read so much.

She received more books.

And a Perplexus

Perplexus helmet:

Playing in the snow:

Cake time:

For her birthday, she asked if she could go with a few friends to a "real" restaurant, so these cute girls went with us for a fun girls' night out.

Three weeks later, Pierce had his birthday. He's eight!  Goodness.  He had a great day with opening presents, taking Dunkin' Donuts to school, cake and ice cream for dessert, and opening presents.

He also received a Perplexus.

And some books and Legos.

For Pierce's birthday outing, we get to go to the circus tomorrow!


Another Snow Day

 We got about 4-5 inches of snow yesterday afternoon into early this morning.  The kids have already had a great time and played for about an hour before they decided they were cold.  It probably won't be melting much anytime soon, so I'm sure they'll venture out again.

A very helpful neighbor:

Pierce stuck in the snow blower blizzard:

Fun with sledding:

 My sweet snow angels:


Christmas continued

Mom and Dad came and visited for a few days before Christmas.  We opened presents with them, and family was very generous with their gifts for the kids.

We spent a week with John David's parents and enjoyed a lot of family time.


Hooray for a snow day!

We have a much needed snow day today.  Madelyn has been sick, and we had a very busy weekend that ended with a sick Madelyn and an ER visit for Pierce resulting in 5 staples in his head.  Everyone is fine now, but we needed a recovery day.  We prayed last night for a healthy Madelyn and a snow day; Jehovah Jireh!  I took the obligatory snow day pictures before arguing, snow ball fighting, and Julia screaming about being cold happened.  The big three are still outside, but Julia is cozy and warm and watching a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Happy Tuesday!